Judith H. van Santen ✓ MSc Physics


MSc. Physics - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [2013-2015]

Courses track Advanced Matter & Energy Physics. Master Research Project (track Physics of Life & Health): Focus-Extended Optical Coherence Tomography imaging. Biophotonics and Medical Imaging group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Increasing the resolution of 3D imaging technique Optical Coherence Tomography, using an annular phase plate, and a mathematical model in post-processing.

Tasks included: building optical setup, programming data-acquisition and device control (LabVIEW), programming data-analysis & data-processing (MATLAB), doing optical simulations (ZEMAX).

BSc. Physics & Astronomy - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [2010-2013]

Bachelor Research Project

Investigating excited state decay of Silicon nanocrystals, future photovoltaic material. Hard Condensed Matter group, University of Amsterdam.

Uncoupling the radiative and non-radiative decay rate of the excites state of Silicon nanocrystals in quartz, in order to understand the behavior of the charge carriers and in the future be able to use these nanocrystals as a photovoltaic material.

Tasks included manufacturing of the nanocrystals using an Argon plasma sputtering method, an experimental characterization of the charge carrier behavior, and quantification of the decay times of the charges.

Minor Research Project

Investigating carrier dynamics in a BiVO4 photoelectrochemical cell by transient absorption spectroscopy (pump-probe). Biophysics group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Tasks included optical alignment of the setup, performing transient absorption experiments, and analyzing absorption spectra using a time-resolved model.

From this research I became part of a publication: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/jp509930s

Work experience

PhD Researcher - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [Nov 2015-Present]

Researcher Biophotonics and Medical Imaging group. Doing independent research, developing medical imaging techniques.

Tasks included building optical setups, optical alignment, programming data-acquisition and device control (LabVIEW), programming data-analysis & data-processing (MATLAB), doing optical simulations (ZEMAX), writing conference abstracts and conference paper summary, teaching students (courses or projects).

✓ Conference Presentation: SPIE Photonics West, BIOS, San Francisco, California (USA), 2017
✓ Conference Poster: VU-VUmc Science Exchange Day, Amsterdam, 2016
✓ Summer School: Biophotonics and Imaging Graduate Summer School, Galway (Ireland), 2016

Teaching Assistant - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [Aug 2012-Present]

Teaching assistant for the following courses: Physics of Energy: Sun, Water, Wind and Storage. Challenges in Physics: Life and Energy. Optics. Modern Optics. Physics and Medical Physics 1. Mechanics and Special Relativity.

Supervising the practicals, designing exercises, designing exams, designing course material, grading.

I really enjoyed the teaching experience, in particular, explaining complex processes in an understandable way.

Technical Staff - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [Aug 2011-Aug 2012]

Fabricating Ferrule-top cantilevers for nanoindentation probes. Condensed Matter group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This was an opportunity I got during my Physics Bachelor. It was a very nice first experience in seeing how a research group works.


Unraveling the Carrier Dynamics of BiVO4: A Femtosecond to Microsecond Transient Absorption Study, J. Ravensbergen, F.F. Abdi, J.H. van Santen, R.N. Frese, B. Dam, R Van de Krol and J.T.M. Kennis, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2014 118 (48) pp 27793-27800.